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Okavango Delta, Savuti & Chobe River Photo Safari - Aug 2025

August 11th - 24th, 2025
Okavango Delta, Savuti & Chobe River Photo Safari - Aug 2025
Botswana &
2 Spaces


On this safari, all participants will gather in Johannesburg for a one-night layover. On the following morning, the group will fly to Maun, the safari hub of Botswana. Over the course of 13 days, we'll embark on a captivating photo adventure, exploring the Okavango Delta, Savuti, and the mighty Chobe River.

Upon arriving in Maun, our journey takes flight with a bush pilot guiding us into the heart of the Moremi Game Reserve. Witnessing the Okavango Delta from a bird's-eye perspective offers a profound understanding of its vast scale, marking it as one of the world's last pristine wilderness areas.

Our expedition begins at a private campsite exclusively arranged for our group, nestled within the central region of the Moremi Game Reserve. Known for its picturesque floodplains and lagoons, this area captivates with its natural beauty and untouched wilderness. Three nights will be spent immersing ourselves in the wonders of the Okavango Delta at this initial location.

Moving to the Khwai Community Wildlife Concession, we encounter a landscape teeming with wildlife. Elephants traverse the region for water, hippos inhabit the waters, and herds of Red Lechwe antelope graze the floodplains. Lions, leopards, and African wild dogs frequent the riverfront, creating opportunities for captivating encounters. Three nights will be dedicated to exploring this northeastern part of the Delta.

Our journey then leads us away from the Delta, traversing the Mababe Depression en route to Savuti. Known for its high lion and hyena densities, Savuti's vast expanse has gained fame through documentaries like "Eternal Enemies" and the BBC's "Planet Earth" series. This area of the Chobe National Park features low hills, dry marshes, and the iconic Savuti Channel. With its resident African wild dogs and cheetahs, along with ancient San rock art dating back 4000 years, Savuti becomes our home for four nights.

The final leg of our tour takes us to the Chobe River for a two-night stay, accessed by plane. Here, a specially designed photographic boat awaits, facilitating morning and afternoon sessions that unveil the river's rich avian and wildlife diversity. After a final morning boat ride, we return to Johannesburg in the mid-afternoon, allowing ample time for international flight connections.

**PLEASE NOTE: Luggage for this safari needs to be in soft duffel-type bags, NOT hard cases. This is necessary for charter flights and travel by road.


At the end of this safari, there is an optional 2-night extension to view and photograph the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

** View all details of this extension in the EXTENSION TAB


Originating in Southern Angola and extending through Namibia's Caprivi Strip, the Okavango Delta gracefully unfolds over the Kalahari sands, forming a vast 15,000-square-kilometer alluvial fan—a geological spectacle with a history dating back nearly two million years.

Encompassing approximately 40% of the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Game Reserve stands as one of the rare delta systems globally that does not flow into the sea.

Designated a Protected Game Reserve in 1963, Moremi owes its preservation to the concerted efforts of Chief Moremi and his wife, who sought to shield the area's wildlife from indiscriminate hunting.

This captivating region, characterized by flood plains, islands, and riverine landscapes, serves as an ideal habitat for a diverse array of wildlife, including carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, and over 400 species of birds.

Moremi's declaration as a Protected Game Reserve has safeguarded this picturesque environment, ensuring its continued allure for both flora and fauna.


Established in 1967, Chobe National Park was created with the primary goal of conserving one of Africa's most remarkable concentrations of game animals.

Situated within this expansive national park is the region known as Savuti, distinguished by a substantial, typically arid marsh.

This marsh stands as the vestige of a colossal prehistoric lake, which desiccated after seismic events disrupted its water source. Periodically, these events recur, allowing floodwaters to cascade down the Savuti Channel and replenish the expansive Savuti Marsh.


Originating as a humble mountain spring in Angola under the name Kwando River, the transformative journey of the Chobe River unfolds as it traverses Botswana, where it adopts the name Linyanti River. At the border post of Ngoma, it eventually assumes the identity of the Chobe River.

This segment of the Chobe River is characterized by a broad, meandering expanse of water that weaves through swampland, punctuated by verdant islands. The river's course culminates in a meeting with the formidable Zambezi River, ultimately cascading over the precipice at the iconic Victoria Falls.

The Chobe River's allure lies in its ability to attract an extraordinary concentration of wildlife. Massive herds of elephants frequently traverse the river, joined by buffalo, and the waters teem with numerous hippos and crocodiles. The avian population is equally remarkable, with the expansive banks and lush grasslands drawing in rare antelope such as red lechwe and puku.

For an unparalleled exploration of this captivating region, there's no superior vantage point than from the comfort of a specially designed photo boat.


This safari is limited to a maximum of 6 participants to ensure an intimate experience.

For the land-based portion, two safari vehicles will be utilized, accommodating 3 participants each. This arrangement guarantees ample space for equipment and provides unrestricted access to both sides of the vehicle.

Transitioning to the river-based segment, the entire group will comfortably fit on one of the specially modified Pangolin Photo Boats, equipped with swivel chairs and gimbal mounts.

Stu Porter will lead this photo tour, offering photographic tuition and guidance ideal for beginners. The flexible and informal teaching style also caters to intermediate and advanced photographers, allowing them to engage at their own comfort level.

Our professional and experienced guides leverage their local contacts and area knowledge to locate wildlife effectively. Attuned to the needs of photographers, they consistently strive to position the safari vehicle or boat optimally for the best photographic results.

You will have an excellent chance to see and photograph the following animals on this incredible photo safari to Botswana:

Lion, Leopard, African Wild Dog, Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Hippo, Spotted Hyena, Jackal, Crocodile, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, Red Lechwe, Sable Antelope, Chacma Baboon, Vervet Monkey, Warthog, and an astounding variety of birdlife.


Arrive in Johannesburg at OR TAMBO International Airport, meet & greet and escorted to hotel for an overnight stay

To accommodate the morning departure on DAY 2, the group needs to assemble in Johannesburg a day prior. This precautionary measure accounts for any potential flight delays.

Upon your arrival, our meet & greet representative will be stationed at the arrivals hall, identifiable by a board bearing your name. They will promptly guide you to the conveniently located airport hotel, which is easily accessible on foot.

Your accommodation for the night will be provided at the OR Tambo City Lodge Hotel, inclusive of bed and breakfast.


Fly from Johannesburg (JNB) to Maun in Botswana (MUB). Charter flight into the Okavango Delta

The flight to Maun, Botswana, is scheduled for late morning, allowing us ample time for breakfast and a short briefing. We will then all proceed to the airport for check-in.

Upon arrival in Maun, Botswana, we'll transfer via a charter flight to allow us access to the heart of the Okavango Delta.

Our adventure entails a 6-night stay in the Okavango Delta, immersing ourselves in the wilderness at two distinct locations. We will be staying in a PRIVATE MOBILE TENTED CAMP - **please take a look at the accommodation photographs.

The initial three nights will be spent in the central section of the MOREMI GAME RESERVE, housed within a mobile expedition tent featuring your own private drop toilet and bucket shower.

(All meals included)
(Local drinks included)
(** Laundry services are available - but they are limited**)


Morning & Afternoon photo game drives in the central section of Moremi Game Reserve

Enjoy relaxed and flexible photography.


Morning & Afternoon photo game drives in the central section of Moremi Game Reserve

Enjoy relaxed and flexible photography.


Move to the Khwai Community Wildlife Concession and explore a different section of the Okavango Delta

As we enjoy another full day of photography, the camp team diligently disassembles the camp, moving it to the Khwai Community Wildlife Concession. By day's end, we'll discover the camp expertly set up in a captivating new location, with a warm campfire and a delectable dinner awaiting our arrival.

We spend three nights in Khwai, where we'll stay in the same mobile expedition tents.

(All meals included)
(Local drinks included)
(** Laundry services are available - but they are limited**)


Morning & Afternoon photo game drives in the northern section of Moremi Game Reserve

Enjoy relaxed and flexible photography.


Morning & Afternoon photo game drives in the northern section of Moremi Game Reserve

Enjoy relaxed and flexible photography.


Move camp to the Savuti area of the Chobe National Park

While the camp team commences the process of dismantling the camp once again, we embark on another full day of photography, pausing for lunch in the Mababe Depression. As the day concludes, we return to our freshly set up camp in the breathtaking Savuti wilderness area. This arid, dry region stands in stark contrast to the lush lagoons of the Okavango Delta.

We spend four nights in Savuti, where we'll stay in the same mobile expedition tents.

(All meals included)
(Local drinks included)
(** Laundry services are available - but they are limited**)


Morning & Afternoon photo game drives in Savuti

Enjoy relaxed and flexible photography.

DAY 10

Morning & Afternoon photo game drives in Savuti

Enjoy relaxed and flexible photography.

DAY 11

Morning & Afternoon photo game drives in Savuti

Enjoy relaxed and flexible photography.

DAY 12

Final morning in Savuti. Charter flight to Kasane Airport (Chobe River)

Enjoy a last morning of photography in Savuti before embarking on a charter flight from the local airstrip to the Chobe River, signifying the conclusion of the mobile camping segment of this photo safari.

Upon arrival at the Kasane airport, we'll be greeted and transferred a short distance to our final destination, the Pangolin Hotel, just in time for lunch.

We then gear up for our initial 3-hour afternoon boat excursion on the Chobe River aboard the specially crafted Pangolin Photo Boat.

After witnessing the sunset along the river, we'll return to the hotel to conclude the day's explorations.

We will stay for 2 nights at the PANGOLIN CHOBE HOTEL in an en-suite room.

(All meals included)
(Local drinks included)
(Laundry services included)

DAY 13

3hr Morning & 3hr Afternoon photo boat rides on the Chobe River

Enjoy relaxed and flexible photography from the specially designed Pangolin Photo Boat.

DAY 14

3hr Morning boat ride. Breakfast. Fly back to Johannesburg - OR optional extension to VICTORIA FALLS

After our fourth and final photo boat ride on the Chobe River, we head back to the hotel for a delightful breakfast. Following this, we catch the return flight to Johannesburg.

Arriving in Johannesburg in the mid-afternoon, you'll have ample time to seamlessly connect with your international flight home.


Should you opt for the 2-night extension to witness the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, we can make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. Instead of accompanying the group to the airport, you will embark on a road transfer across the border into Zimbabwe, reaching Victoria Falls in time for lunch. * Please note that Stu Porter will not be participating in the extension to Victoria Falls.

** View all details of this extension in the EXTENSION TAB

Two night optional extension to the VICTORIA FALLS in Zimbabwe


With one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World only 3 hours away by road, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our 2-night extension to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

After your final morning photoshoot on the boat & breakfast, we will arrange for you to take a road transfer from Kasane, through the Kazangula border crossing and into Zimbabwe. You will arrive at your lodge in Victoria Falls in time for lunch.

You will have the opportunity to visit this famous waterfall as well as partake in the many activities that are on offer at the Falls, such as helicopter rides, white water rafting, sunset cruises, game drives, night drives, walk with Lions, elephant rides and more. All of these can be arranged on arrival by the lodge reception staff.

After your two night stay, you will have a road transfer to the Victoria Falls airport for your flight back to Johannesburg, arriving in the mid-afternoon.

If you are interested in doing this 2-night extension to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, then please let us know at the time of your enquiry.

$ Please enquire


David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer, is believed to have been the first European to view the falls on 16 November 1855. Livingstone named his sighting in honour of Queen Victoria, but the Sotho language name, Mosi-oa-Tunya "The Smoke That Thunders", continues in common usage. The World Heritage List officially recognises both names.

While it is neither the highest nor the widest waterfall in the world, the Victoria Falls are classified the largest, based on its combined width of 1,708 metres (5,604 ft) and height of 108 metres (354 ft), resulting in the world's largest sheet of falling water. The Victoria Falls are roughly twice the height of North America's Niagara Falls and well over twice its width.

The river that flows over the falls is the Zambezi. This is Africa's 4th longest river with its source in Zambia. It flows through 6 different countries before it empties into the Indian Ocean on Africa's East Coast.


Day 1

Road transfer from Chobe River across the border into Zimbabwe. Reach Victoria Falls for lunch

Depart after breakfast from Chobe by road to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. You would arrive at your hotel in time for lunch - visit the falls in the afternoon (overnight Victoria Falls)

You will stay for 2 nights in Victoria Falls at ILALA LODGE

(Bed & Breakfast only)

Day 2

Full day to explore the area

Full day spent at Victoria Falls, visiting the Falls and doing optional activities.

Day 3

Final morning activity then depart for Johannesburg from Victoria Falls Airport

Depart after a final morning activity and breakfast for Victoria Falls airport - fly back to Johannesburg arriving in the mid-afternoon. Connect with your international flight home.


Road Transfers

2 nights in Victoria Falls

Not Included

Visa fees

Laundry not indicated

Meals & drinks not indicated

Entrance fees to view the Falls

All other activities

Tips for hotel staff, drivers/guides


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