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Booking Terms and Conditions

Our booking terms & conditions follow standard tourism operator policies and are outlined in detail below.

Payment of your deposit and your completed booking form confirms that you agree with our Terms & Conditions.



  • 1a. We will only confirm your booking once we have received the non-refundable per person deposit amount for your chosen safari (displayed on our website). You will also need to complete a booking form per person.
  • 1b. Your deposit payment is non-refundable unless we can fill your space with a replacement. ** see section 3 for more details **
  • 1c. We only accept payments via International Bank Transfer, Credit Card and PayPal. Please note that you must cover all Banking, Credit Card and PayPal transaction fees.



  • 2a. The outstanding balance for your trip is due 90 days before the start date of the safari.
  • 2b. If the final payment is not received before or on the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and keep your deposit.
  • 2c. Full payment is required if bookings are made less than 90 days before the start of any scheduled or custom photo safari.



We require a formal written notification of your cancellation at which time the following policy will apply:

  • 3a. We receive your cancellation letter between the time of your deposit payment and 90 days before the start date of the safari. We will refund you the deposit (less a US$ 250 per person admin fee), ONLY if we (or you) can fill your space/s with a replacement. If we (or you) are unable to fill your space/s, then you will lose the total deposit amount.
  • 3b. We receive your cancellation letter after you have paid the outstanding balance amount, ie. 90 days or less before the start date of the safari. We will try to fill your space with a last-minute booking. If we are successful, then we will refund you the total amount (less a US$ 250 admin fee per person). If we (or you) cannot find a replacement at the last minute, then there will be no refund.
  • 3c. Both deposits and outstanding payments are non-transferable to other WILD4 Photo Safaris.
  • 3d. There are no refunds if you end a tour early or do not make use of a service included in the safari price.



Please note that it is your responsibility to have travel, medical, and trip cancellation insurance policies in place.

Regardless of the reason, we will follow our cancellations & refunds policy stated in section 3. In addition, we are happy to supply supporting documentation that will aid you with any claims you lodge with your insurance providers.

It is essential to understand the differences between insurance policies and what they will cover in a cancellation, medical emergency, or loss of luggage/camera equipment.


This type of insurance is easy to secure anytime before you depart. It usually covers medical emergencies as well as other general losses incurred. It is your responsibility to find out what your Travel Insurance covers.

** Note on Medical Insurance.

We have insurance to cover medical expenses in case of medical emergency evacuation from the field to the nearest appropriate medical facility. That is where our responsibility will end. All costs incurred from the moment you arrive at the medical facility until discharge must be covered by your travel insurance.


Most photographers will already have camera insurance for their equipment as the total value of such equipment is usually not covered in a general travel insurance policy. If you already have Camera Insurance, check that it will cover your equipment for international destinations. Likewise, if you are bringing a laptop, make sure that it is covered, along with your other valuables.


We urge you to take out good trip cancellation insurance. This kind of insurance needs to be secured immediately after you have paid the deposit for your safari. Policies should cover the financial loss you incur by having to cancel the safari before it starts or if you need to return home anytime during the safari. These are usually circumstances beyond your control, such as unforeseen medical, personal or family situations.

It is your responsibility to find out the exact details of such a policy. If you choose not to take the trip cancellation insurance, you must accept that you will be responsible for the costs of canceling.

** Please note that you will be required to provide us proof of your travel insurance on or before the date of final payment (90 days before the start date of the safari)


We will always do our utmost to operate all of our tours as described. However, if we need to make changes due to circumstances that are out of our control, we reserve the right to modify aspects of the safari, such as accommodation, changes to park fees, transport, guides, and tour leaders. We will do our best to make sure the safari price is unaffected by these changes, but if a price increase is unavoidable and out of our control, these costs will be passed on to you. If, due to personal, health, or reasons out of our control, Stu Porter (or any of our tour leaders), cannot lead the scheduled tour, we will deduct their costs from the safari and share the credit equally amongst all participants.

Unavoidable increases to the price and the unavailability of Stu Porter, or any of our tour leaders, shall not be sufficient grounds for any refund of monies already paid for the tour. It will also not be sufficient grounds for cancellation of your participation in the safari.

In the unlikely event of total cancellation by us (WILD4 PHOTO Pty Ltd.) we will endeavor to either refund all money that we are able to recover from our suppliers (less a USD$ 250 per person admin fee) OR we will offer you a credit towards the same safari on a different set of dates (with no admin fee)

We will not be held responsible for any expenses incurred by participants in preparing for the trip. For example, international flights, visas or any other expenses.


Your deposit payment and completed booking form serve as a complete assumption of all risks. You also agree that you are participating in our safari on a voluntary basis.

You acknowledge that participation on our safaris involves numerous risks and dangers including, but not limited to:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Wild animals
  • Terrorism
  • Civil unrest
  • Transportation & accommodation services that might not be operated or maintained to the same standards you are used to in your home country
  • Medical facilities that are not operated or maintained to the same standards you are used to in your home country

By agreeing to these assumptions of risk, you will not hold us (WILD4 PHOTO Pty Ltd) or any of our representatives responsible or liable in any manner for economic loss or for personal harm of any nature (including death).


Your deposit payment and completed booking form serve as a release of our liability.

On all of our safaris, we make use of several suppliers. We are only acting as an agent on behalf of these suppliers whose services you will make use of whilst on your safari. We (WILD4 PHOTO Pty Ltd) do not own any of the camps, lodges, hotels, vehicles or aeroplanes used, and their staff are not our employees.

We (WILD4 PHOTO Pty Ltd) will therefore not be held liable for any negligence of any supplier or their staff. In the case of any incidents involving property damage or loss, physical or mental injury or death, you agree that you will pursue this with the suppliers, and we will assist you where possible. We (WILD4 PHOTO Pty Ltd) will not be held responsible.


None of the tours we offer requires a high level of fitness from the participants unless otherwise stated in the specific safari description. However, it is recommended that participants are in good health. If you are concerned at all with your own personal health, then please contact us with more details before you sign up for any of our photo safaris.

By paying your deposit and agreeing to our booking terms & conditions, you confirm that you are of reasonable fitness and good health and will not in any way knowingly create a risk to yourself or other tour members. If we deem that you did not fully disclose your medical situation to us prior to the start of the safari, and it ends up affecting the tour or other members on the safari, we will have the right to make alternative arrangements for you to continue your safari on a private basis. Any additional expenses will be for your account.

Medical conditions brought to our attention after you have confirmed your place on a safari will not be considered as exceptions to our cancellation policy, and no refunds of any kind for unused services will be offered.

Other than emergency evacuation from the field to the closest most appropriate local medical facility, we (WILD4 PHOTO Pty Ltd). will not assume any responsibility for payment of any medical expenses incurred by participants on any tour.


Please let us know of any dietary concerns when you complete your booking form. We will need to pass this information to all the establishments that will be used to confirm that they can cater correctly.

Please be aware that it will still be your responsibility to check with the chef at the camp or lodge we stay at that the staff are aware of your dietary concerns. There is no guarantee that all your requests can be met.


It is your responsibility to confirm the most up to date vaccination requirements with your health practitioner or travel clinic.

  • 7d. VISAS

It is your responsibility to confirm the most up to date information regarding visas by contacting the relevant consulate or consulate website. Visa requirements are regularly changed.


We will not be held responsible for the necessary cancellation of any safaris as a result of situations that are deemed "out of our control". Such situations may include, (but are not exclusive to): civil unrest, wars, terrorism, epidemics & pandemics.

We will deal with these situations individually based on the problem presented to us at the time. Where possible, we will do our best to refund what we can or turn the payments already made into credits for use on the same trip on a different set of dates. However, there is also the possibility of a total loss, in which case we will provide documentation for you to submit a claim to your trip cancellation insurance, which we urge you to consider getting.


In the improbable event that you end up being the only person on the safari, we will do all we can to make sure the trip still goes ahead. We will also do our best to avoid changing the price of your safari, but this might be necessary. We will deal with each safari on an individual basis and offer you alternatives that might include the option to still travel, postpone the trip to a new set of dates, or where possible, offer you a refund.

We (WILD4 PHOTO Pty Ltd) will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by participants in preparing for the tour, such as international flights, visas or any other expenses.


If you are a single traveller and do not mind sharing a room with another single traveller, we will do our best to accommodate you. However, if no other suitable single traveller is available, you will be liable to pay the full single supplement price.


Your completed booking form will also serve as a model release. This grants us (WILD4 PHOTO Pty Ltd.) permission to use photographs and videos taken of you for future marketing purposes.

If you prefer not to be part of any marketing content, please let us know in writing.


The personal information that we gather is only used for purposes associated with the operation of our safaris. Please read our privacy policy on our website for further details.


We reserve the right to make changes and updates to our terms and conditions at any time.