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Wild4 African Photographic Safaris

Authentic small group photo tours to South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Namibia

Trip Reports

On this page you will find Trip Reports which are posted at the end of every completed photo safari.

Our trip reports showcase the variety of species and opportunties that were seen and enjoyed on one specific trip. We do it this way to show what is achievable on our tours. Every safari will offer different experiences and opportunities, and we prefer to display this, rather than an all time best collection.

BEST of NAMIBIA Photo Safari May 2016

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 26th May 2016

The second "Best of Namibia" photographic safari started with very different weather conditions compared to the first trip. We were greeted by the famous wind in Luderitz and the first afternoon photo shoot at Kolmanskop Ghost Town was very blustery. This has a good side to it though as the sand covers all the footprints left by visitors and creates lovely ripples. Our second shoot the following morning was great with fresh sand filling the rooms. Next stop was the Quiver Tree Forest at Namtib Reserve and we all got some great shots of these unusual trees against a clear blue Namibian Sky. Our two night stay at Wolwedans in the Namib Rand Reserve provided...

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BEST of NAMIBIA Photo Safari April 2016

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 10th May 2016

The first of the 2016 Namibian photo safaris offered a great variety of both landscape and wildlife photo opportunities although the trip did focus more on the landscapes of Namibia and particularly those of the Namib desert. The two visits to Kolmanskop Ghost Diamond Mining town were great fun, we were so lucky to not have any wind, this is unusual for Luderitz, but it was great for photography. The many houses and rooms at the ghost town, now partially engulfed by sand offer a variety of creative opportunities. Next stop was Namtib Reserve and one of the most beautiful clear night skies in the world, star photography is a must here. The Quiver tree...

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TANZANIA and ELEPHANTS of AMBOSELI photo safari - February / March 2016

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 5th Mar 2016

This years photo safari to Amboseli in Kenya and the Serengeti, Ndutu and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania has just ended. Once again these locations provided us with a multitude of photo opportunities and great experiences. The sheer number of Elephants in Amboseli this year was staggering, we counted over 400 elephants in one scene as they marched across open land towards the marsh for their daily feed. One morning provided a mystical backdrop as the Elephants fed in thick mist. As the mist burned off that amazing mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro appeared behind them. Crossing over into Tanzania and heading to the Serengeti is always a very interesting drive and the Serengeti offered up Cats in...

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BEST of KENYA photo safari TRIP REPORT Nov 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 27th Nov 2015

This photo safari took place in three of Kenya's top wildlife parks, Samburu, Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara. There was also an extension to Rwanda to photograph the Mountain Gorillas. Some of the highlights included a swimming Oryx, an Aardwolf, incredible Samburu Birds, a Crowned Eagle, 17 different Cheetahs, Bahati the Leopard with her two cubs, Zebras swimming across the flooding Mara River, 4 Black Rhinos together as well as Cheetah and Lion hunts, tremendous rain storms, dramatic skies, superb sunsets, mud, flooding rivers and river crossings, this safari proved again that November in Kenya is one of the best times to visit and take photographs. It is also...

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BIRDS of KRUGER photo safari - October 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 3rd Nov 2015

This years Birds of Kruger Photo Safari offered us fantastic opportunities and great weather too. A total bird count of 168 with a very impressive 153 photos (of different species) The aim of this safari is not to tick species off, but instead the challenge is to try and get some decent photos of Kruger's birds, with the additional challenge of trying to improve upon existing shots when better opportunities present themselves. We began the tour with a drive from Phalaborwa Gate all the way to the northern most National Park Camp, Punda Maria. We stayed for 4 nights here and visited the birding mecca of Pafuri twice. Once again this area proved to be very...

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Here are a few photos from a recent custom photographic safari to Mala Mala and Kruger National Park in South Africa. The weather was rather unusual for this time of year and we had to deal with a number of rainy days. This was magic for the bush and the wildlife, but not too much fun with camera equipment !! Some highlights were seeing a very newly born baby Elephant with its herd in the Sand River at Mala Mala. Such a tiny version of the adult, but new borns can still weigh in at close to 100 kgs !! We followed a very hungry looking Airstrip Male Leopard who eventually lay down and observed a...

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SAMBURU, LAKE NAKURU & MIGRATION photo safari KENYA - August 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 22nd Aug 2015

This safari to Kenya offers the best diversity of all our photo safaris. Not only are there diverse species at all three locations visited, there are also very different landscapes and habitats to explore. Our first stop was Samburu Reserve north of Nairobi. We spent 4 nights at this location and went in search of the unusuall species that are found here. We managed to observe and photograph all of the "specials" that Samburu has to offer, these included the Beisa Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe, Gerenuk, Grevy's Zebra and the beautifully marked Vulturine Guinea fowl. Dik Dik, Elephant, Somali Ostrich, Leopard and Cheetah were also seen and photographed. The Ewaso Nyiro River that flows through...

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CUSTOM Photo Safari - MALA MALA, South Africa - July / Aug 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 21st Aug 2015

Here is a trip report from a recent Custom Photo Safari to Mala Mala Private Game Reserve in South Africa. This time of year is one of the best times to visit the Kruger area. Winter offers clear skies, mild temperatures and the animals are attracted to water. One of the best things about Mala Mala is the fact that they have the beautiful Sand River flowing through their property and it flows all year round. The river acts as a magnet for the local wildlife who need to quench their thirst more than usual as a result of the dry vegetation they feed on. The high use of the riverine area attracts predators...

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CUSTOM Photo Safari - NGALA & MALA MALA, South Africa - July 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 29th Jul 2015

We have just completed a 6 night custom photographic safari which included 3 nights at Ngala Private Game Reserve followed by another 3 nights at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve. This was the first ever WILD4 Photo Safari to experience two Wilddog den sites on the same safari. In the Kruger area these dogs number just over 200 individuals making them a highly endangered carnivore. Just to catch a fleeting glimpse of one in the wild is a fantastic priveledge. On this safari we were extremely fortunate to be able to spend time at the den site at Ngala where the Alpha female had given birth to 17 puppies !!! this is an incredible feat and we really hope that...

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BEST of BOTSWANA photo safari - June 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 30th Jun 2015

The second of our "Best of Botswana" Photo Safaris offered a totally different experience to the previous one, and that is what wildlife photography is all about, every day is different and the possible scenarios and opportunities are endless. Moremi provided fantastic bird photo opportunities as well as a large pack of African Wilddogs. Our camp was in a stunning location on the edge of a pan where the sunrises were spectacular. Khwai was our next stop and again we were treated to great African Wilddog sightings, the den site with the two puppies was especially rewarding to see. Four magnificent Lionesses, Elephants everywhere, Hippos and the female Leopard who's cubs we had seen...

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BEST of BOTSWANA photo safari - May 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 6th Jun 2015

The May "Best of Botswana" photo safari has just ended and it provided us with an amazing diversity of photo opportunities. Moremi Game Reserve, Khwai concession and the famous Savuti revealed many unique and photo productive encounters with Leopards, Lions, Hyena's, Elephants, maginificent birds and even a pair of fighting Black Mambas ! The extension to Victoria Falls was also very successful, "the smoke that thunders" lived up to its name and rightly deserves to be one of the 7 "natural wonders of the world". We completed our journey from Johannesburg into the Okavango Delta with a short charter flight from Maun to Xakanaka where we were met by our two expert Letaka guides, Nkosi and...

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NAMIBIA scouting Trip - April 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 2nd May 2015

I have finally managed to get to Namibia to take a look at this amazing country and to see and photograph some of the many photo hotspots it has to offer. The aim of this trip was to choose the most productive photo locations for next year's "BEST of NAMIBIA" photo safari that will run for the first time in April 2016. During this trip I wanted to determine a number of things at each of the locations I visited. Namibia, is without doubt, the most beautiful country I have visited in terms of its varied and interesting landscapes. There are photos around every corner and over each rise and it is difficult to return...

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CUSTOM Photo Safari - MALA MALA, South Africa - March 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 28th Mar 2015

A short three night custom photo safari at the famous MALA MALA Private Game Reserve in South Africa proved once again that this is the best place in Africa to photograph wild Leopards. During our 6 game drives we encountered 10 different Leopards and got to spend a lot of time with some of them where we were treated to some excellent photo opportunities. Along with the Leopard sightings we also got to spend time with some of the Lions that are also found in the reserve. On our first afternoon we encountered the "Kikelezi" female Leopard who has managed to bring up both of her cubs who are now close to becoming independant. Our first morning...

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TANZANIA and ELEPHANTS of AMBOSELI photo safari - February / March 2015

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 16th Mar 2015

This years photo safari was full of surprises and fantastic photo opportunities. Amboseli in Kenya is one of the most amazing places to photograph Elephants. The amazing variety of different situations that are on offer in Amboseli is second to none. Not only did we have wonderful views of Mount Kilimanjaro, we also found the Elephants in many other different photogenic situations. In the marsh, in the early morning mist, dust bathing and walking in single file over the open savanna.. this was a wonderful way to start the safari. Our next stop was Arusha after crossing through the Namanga Border post where we had an overnight stay before we headed off to the Serengeti....

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BIRDS of KRUGER photo safari - October 2014

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 27th Oct 2014

Yet again this proved to be a very successful photo safari with the focus being slanted towards trying to photograph the amazing bird diversity that the Kruger has to offer. A total bird count of 178 with a very impressive 144 photos (of different species) The aim of this safari is not to tick species off, but instead the challenge is to try and get some decent photos of Kruger's birds, with the additional challenge of trying to improve upon existing shots when better opportunities present themselves. Northern Kruger is the real hotspot as this area has some special species not commonly seen in the rest of Kruger. We did very well with the Crested Guineafowl...

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SAMBURU, LAKE NAKURU & MIGRATION photo safari - September 2014

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 20th Sep 2014

This safari never disappoints, we had a good deal of action and great photo opportunities and although most of the migration herds had headed south towards Tanzania, we still had one of the best river crossings yet. An hour of drama at the Mara River, crocodiles and crazy wildebeest is a sight you never forget and it was a great way to end our time in the Mara. We continued North to Lake Nakuru, still rather full of water at the moment but it did provide some extra photo opportunities and experiences. We still managed to see Black & White Rhino, Rothschild Giraffe and a Leopard !!. Finally we ended up in Samburu where the river...

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CUSTOM photo safari KENYA MIGRATION - September 2014

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 5th Sep 2014

Here are a few photos from a bespoke photo tour to Kenya's Maasai Mara Reserve. The tour coincided with the great migration which was the focus for the trip. Luckily we had some good crossing action in the first few days which allowed us to venture out away from the river on the remaining days where we managed to photograph some of the other interesting inhabitants of the Mara. Many thanks to our Guide - James, its always a pleasure to work with you Mr Mande !! and thanks to Andrei for coming on this private safari, it was a pleasure to shoot along side you and witness some magic during the migration in the...

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We visited the Big Cat Reserve for 3 nights followed by 8 nights inside the Kruger National Park at Lower Sabie and Satara Camps. This time of year in Southern Africa is a good time for game viewing as the animals are drawn more and more to the last water sources. From this point on it will get progressively more difficult for the herbivores and easier for the carnivores as the weak, old and young animals begin to feel the pressure due to less good grazing and less water. First up, the big Cat reserve provided some great opportunities with the two young female leopards, in their camp close to the lodge. Ntombi the Cheetah graced us...

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CUSTOM photo safari NGALA, MALA MALA and BIG CAT RESERVE - August 2014

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 1st Aug 2014

This was a bespoke photo safari that took in some of the most productive private reserves in South Africa. All locations were very good - Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs as well as the African Wilddog and a great Spotted Hyaena den !! were some of the predator highlights. The "Big Cat Reserve" - (Tshukudu Game Reserve) was once again very productive as far as getting off to a good start regarding photo techniques, night photography, off camera flash and star photography. The final morning was spent observing the two cheetah boys, Floppy and Hunters on their Impala kill. Thanks very much to the Tshukudu staff and Deon our ranger for looking after us. Ngala Private Game...

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LIONS and LEOPARDS of KRUGER photo safari - July 2014

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 15th Jul 2014

The move towards the "dry season" is becoming more and more evident, waterholes are drying up, the bush is turning into its winter colours and the early mornings were particularly cold !! Our first stop was the Big Cat Reserve and some highlights were the lion pride feeding on a giraffe, night photography of the leopards and the porcupines, the female King Cheetah, Floppy and Hunters the resident male Cheetahs out on patrol and a great sighting of the three elephants, Becky, Malutka and Juba !! Thanks very much to Ben our Ranger for looking after us and all the staff at Tshukudu. Next stop was the Kruger National Park. As water levels begin to drop the...

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This 18 day photo safari included all the photo highlights on offer in and around the Kruger area in South Africa. Everything from landscapes, reptiles and vultures, to the famous "BIG 5" !! First stop was the Blyde River Canyon for some waterfall and landscape photography, followed by a two night stay at Forest Camp where we enjoyed a full day of African Reptile Photography - many thanks again to Donald for providing us with such a great reptile experience. Tshukudu Game Reserve, Ngala Private Game Reserve and Mala Mala made up the following 9 nights where we were treated to great and varied sightings of that magnificent cat the Leopard. One of the highlights at Ngala was a...

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LIONS and LEOPARDS of KRUGER photo safari - June 2014

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 15th Jun 2014

The first Lions and Leopards photo safari has just ended. We also did the two night Forest Camp extension for African Reptile and Vulture Photography. Our three nights at the Big Cat Reserve was very eventful with the Lions on a Buffalo kill and the two Cheetah brothers, Floppy and Hunters bringing down a young Waterbuck. The two seasoned Leopards, Jabula and Bagheera were still on form for the night photo shoot. Then it was off to the Kruger National Park and 4 nights at Satara in central Kruger. We spent a lot of time sitting patiently at the remaining waterholes and Girivana and Nkaya pan were both very productive. We spent the entire day at...

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BEST of BOTSWANA photo safari - May 2014

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 25th May 2014

Botswana - a name that has always brought to mind the romance of wild Africa.  This great trip certainly lived up to the Africa of old, in so many ways. We were met at the Xakanaxa Airstrip in the Moremi Game Reserve by our guide Nkosi and expertly driven to our first expedition style tented camp amidst huge rain trees in the Xini Lagoon Region.   The privileged sightings from this camp included 2 lovely male cheetahs, a collection of ten different waterbird species fishing together at a small vanishing waterhole and a fantastic full moon rising/sunset scenario featuring a baobab tree. After Xini we moved on to the Khwai...

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TANZANIA and ELEPHANTS of AMBOSELI photo safari - February / March 2014

Posted by Wild4 Photo Safaris on 10th Mar 2014

AMBOSELI National Park in Kenya is a wonderful start to this East African photo safari, here the focus was the largest land mammal - the African Elephant. It is a superb location for elephant photography with large herds emerging in the mornings from the base of the towering Mount Kilimanjaro. It is wonderful to see them amble their wat across open land as they head to the marsh where they spend the day feeding. We then passed through the Namanga Border Post into Tanzania and headed for Arusha for an overnight stay and to recharge the batteries. This was followed by three nights in the central Serengeti searching for Leopards around Seronera and Lions amongst...

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Testimonials This was simply an outstanding photographic safari all round – by far the best that I have been on! As a keen enthusiast photographer, looking to step up a level with view to entering 2 competitions later in the year, I could not have hoped for more. Excellent ! The family based Wild4 team is personable and friendly and went the extra mile all the way through. They are very well organized and their prompt and helpful responses to queries pre-trip ensured they were easy and a pleasure to deal with.  Stu Porter can pitch his photographic tuition at any level and his attention to detail and enthusiasm was spot on throughout this trip. I was surprised by just how much I learn’t because I was quite comfortable with my photo technique on arrival. I have easily adopted his full-on manual approach, every bit of which he was able to justify - a revelation! I am quite picky, but I cannot praise these guys enough and I will be back.  Very many thanks to the whole team.

Malcolm, UK

Testimonials Stu, Thank you for another wonderful safari. We were blown away by the sightings that we had. From the Lion kill to the tiny Lion Cubs, it was one great experience after another. The bird opportunities were also outstanding. I'm still sorting though the 1000's of images that we brought home. Also, thank you Justyna for setting up our 2 week private Kruger safari with Stefan. We spent over a month in Africa shooting every day except for a couple of travel days. It was our trip of a lifetime. The accommodations, food, and itinerary were as good as it gets. We can't wait to do another one!. Dick and Mary Wild Side Photographic Art

Dick Collins, USA